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Would You Want Masc Men? This Viral Video Is Actually Tearing the Gays Apart

Do you realy prefer to date masculine males?

The question has powered many conversations and
among homosexual and bi males. Nowadays a viral tweet features reignited that fire.

The video is actually from YouTube station Jubilee, a series in which they ask six folks from a single group concerns to see how their particular views vary. For this number of homosexual men, they weighin on a straightforward declaration: “I prefer male males.”

Three dudes highly concurred, two significantly conformed, and just one disagreed but simply “somewhat.”

“privately, I’m an extremely female, flamboyant individual,” said Josh which highly consented, “thus having that same fuel with someone else doesn’t actually appear appealing to myself.”

Charlie chimed in as well. “i am on this line because I want a person who is my equivalent. I determine as a masculine man, thus i believe the reason why We strongly concur merely because I want that equality in my own connection, as a masculine guy.”

It is not as well clear just what masculine methods to each person. Do they need men that is big and muscular? Performs recreations? Heterosexual and stays in his mother’s basement and only fools around along with you for attention and certainly will drop you when the average searching woman known as Sarah reacts to his terrible Tinder get line?

Twitter had some ideas:

u201c@ricktrbl @MrHippoKing And many gays ask yourself exactly why they continue to be unmarried and by yourself. I’m able to understand choices, nonetheless it becomes gray and white for me when we stipulate a masc/fem thing holding masc men to high standards. The complete video is actually a hot trifling mess. What exactly is sad is actually quite a few homosexual the male is such as this.u201d

— Greg P (@Greg P)

u201c@ricktrbl The labeling of masculine/feminine is so… straightforward. Like you should be your self, and appreciate men and women due to their uniqueness. State yes towards go out aided by the man you never dreamed yourself, which is how I found my hubby. And 6 decades later i am therefore happy we held an unbarred brain.u201d

— Hoe-prah Winfrey (@Hoe-prah Winfrey)

u201c@ricktrbl folks are not quite as masculine because they think they areu201d

— not too sweet ud83cudf6d (@Not thus sweet ud83cudf6d)


— Philip (@Philip)

u201c@ricktrbl Closet Queen 1: “I prefer masculine men because i will learn from all of them”nnCloset Queen 2: “i love masculine males since they are my personal equal”nnMe:u201d

— The Loa of Violence (@The Loa of Violence)


— Philip (@Philip)

u201c@ricktrbl Josh thinks he will develop and study from someone simply bcs they truly are masc-u201d


Luckily there is more with the video, alongside men that simply don’t feel as strongly about adoring whatever it indicates getting male chime in.

“Yes, there’s lots of inherent interest of what you fancy,” states Ellias, the solitary disagreer. “But In my opinion there’s lots of personal force that you don’t also understand is going on subconsciously you are taught to like. I do like masculine males besides I then was actually style of using a step straight back, [I inquired myself] why is that? How come i prefer that? Have always been we getting style of force-fed that?”

Bill, an older homosexual father just who notably consented, shares he ended up being bullied for the reason that their elegant means growing up. “I happened to be usually drawn to people who happened to be male. I’m not sure in the event it was since if these people were female, that reminded me of components of myself I didn’t like. I believe there was clearly an element of the.”

Like Bill thus wisely pointed out, lots of gay and bisexual men desire “masculinity” since they dislike their feminity, an integral part of on their own which our heteronormative culture has instructed all of us to dislike. Our matchmaking “preferences” mirror our own internalized biases, and opening our very own heads and hearts may lead people down notably happier paths, hopefully one where we do not need to bother about exactly how masculine or girly we – or the partners – are.

However you know what they claim! You can easily lead a pony to liquid, however you can’t end all of them from hating themselves!

View the entire video below: